The British Touring Car Championship…. One of the best race series in the world?  

It certainly is the best Touring Car Series in our opinion.

Today we’re going to take you through 9 things we think only a true BTCC fan will understand….

9. You Wish ITV Broadcasted Qualifying on Saturday…..

It wouldn’t be BTCC Silly Season, if this topic didn’t come up!

No we’re not talking about Kia entering or Gorden Shedden returning.

It’s about ITV not broadcasting the Qualifying Session on Saturday, yes it’s available to stream online and all the action is completely free to air on Sunday, but it just wouldn’t be the same if this subject doesn’t crop up every January!

8. When it’s October at Brands Hatch you gaze Enviously at the people in the Warm Boxes

Who wants to be in a Hospitality Box anyway?

Yes they are nice, but for us it’s all about being up close and personal when the action is happening.

Sitting at the Craner Curves as 30 Touring Cars go rushing past, beats being in a Hospitality Suite any day of the week!

However, let’s be honest in the cold and wet last round of the Season at Brands Hatch, we have all gazed enviously at the bright lights coming from the warm and dry hospitality suites just above the start/finish straight.

The best compromise? Get there early and park up on Southbank.

7. You Have a Nap During the Porsche Races

Ok last year was pretty epic, thanks to the super fast Harry King, but it’s become a bit of a tradition for many fans to have a nap, during the Porsche Carrera Cup races.

It’s not that we don’t like Porsche or even GT3 Racing, but for some reason it’s always signaled the time to get some shut eye before the next race!

Plus they could do with being a little bit louder, we know there are noise limits but come on Porsche! The Ginetta Junior’s make more noise than these!

6. You Have Gone Home with some Bodywork!

Or a Tyre, Empty Bottle of Bubbly or whatever else you could get your hands on!

Many a BTCC fan has their living rooms filled with destroyed bumpers or old fuel cans for coffee tables!

If you haven’t done this, then you’ve certainly been tempted, as you’ve normally watched two young lads carting Jack Goff’s bumper to the car park!

5. You Never Miss the Ginetta Juniors

A staple of the BTCC Support Series, the Ginetta Juniors always provide edge of your seat action.

In recent years they’ve calmed down and we don’t see as many crashes, which is a good thing as safety cars are pretty dull!

We’ve also had the privilege of watching stars like Lando Norris, Tom Ingram, Seb Morris and Jamie Chadwick rise through the ranks.

Let’s face it all good ideas start with putting some teenagers in a race car! Right?!

4. You Always have a Dirty Burger

It’s our guilty pleasure, nothing quite beats eating an over priced cheesburger as you watch some Touring Cars fly past.

We get it, the rents are extremely high, so they charge accordingly and if we can get trackside this year, we should all support our track side burger vans, as they have most likely been hit hard during the pandemic.

Anyway it’s not all bad! The new Restaurant at Donington Park serves up some top notch grub and we miss the Burrito Van at Rockingham dearly.

The food is all part of the experience!

3. You Love and Hate the Kwik Fit Adverts

Ahhh Jordan and his brakes!

They are quite clever little adverts actually and if you’re watching from home, normally it signals the dash back to the sofa with a cup of tea!

2. You Associate Calvin Harris’ “Let’s Go” with the BTCC Warming Up Lap

You have Alan Hyde to thank for this, as we believe he picks the music for the BTCC warming up laps (correct us if we are wrong)

I’m sure we are not the only ones, that when hearing this song think of wheel-spinning, weaving and turbo charged engine noise!

1. You Hate it When People Put Tents Against the Fence

You Know Who You Are!

Ok the photo above isn’t too bad and by all means bring a tent, gazebo or whatever else you need to make your weekend enjoyable.

But true BTCC fans hate it when people pitch up 50 Square Meters of Tarpaulin against the fence!

Hey it’s a free country and just our opinion but maybe just pitch up a Gazebo a bit further back?

We hope you enjoyed this quick and tongue in cheek article.

What did we miss?

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