The Benefits of Corporate Desktop Backgrounds

At first glance, bespoke desktop backgrounds and screensavers for your business are a “nice to do”, but their use and effectiveness far outweigh their small cost and outlay. 

In this article, we explore the various benefits that corporate desktop backgrounds and screensavers can bring to your business.

Reinforce your internal brand and build a culture.

Picture this; it’s your new starters first day working at your business. You hand them a laptop with a generic desktop background and screensaver versus giving your new employee a laptop with a bespoke desktop background and screensaver representing your brand. This may seem like a small detail, but details count when it comes to making first impressions. 

The first scenario could make your business appear amateurish and lacking in identity. The second scenario gives your new employee the impression of an established business with a brand and values.

In the current labour market, it is arguably just as important for businesses to make a good first impression with their new employees as it is for new employees to make a good impression on your business. 

Bespoke desktop backgrounds and screensavers are just one way to communicate your brand and values to your team and create a professional image across your business. 

Communicate key messages 

Corporate desktop backgrounds and screensavers can be regularly updated to ensure key messages and events are communicated and reinforced to your employees. 

You may have just rolled out a new product or launched a sale and want to follow up and remind your team about it in a friendly and discreet manner. A bespoke desktop background and screensaver are effective tools for doing this.

Promoting company achievements, awards and recognition via desktops and screensavers is an excellent way of celebrating success and building team spirit. 

Protect your brand.

Put simply, having corporate backgrounds and screen savers is an effective way of protecting your brand and removes the risk of an employee using a brand-damaging image on their work device. 

It also reminds your team that they are using a work device and to be vigilant and proactive about its use and content. 

Finally, it will secure your business by ensuring users aren’t accidentally downloading images and files with malware or viruses from unsecure websites.

If you want to create bespoke desktop backgrounds and screensavers for your business, contact us today.